KKA Karate Academy offer 2 Free Classes. Give it a go

Welcome to KKA Karate Academy

We are a family friendly Martial arts club.  Our purpose is to guide people on their self-development journey using the ways and the spirit of traditional Martial arts.

Karate do is an ancient form of self defense where you train your body as a weapon. 

What we measure is effort, dedication, resilience and the growth of one’s character.   That is where the essence of Karate do lies.

We also offer lessons in

•Weapons classes (Kobudo & Bo-Jutsu)

•Little Tigers for 4 to 6 year olds

We have martial arts classes for all ages, starting from 4 years old. Great for kids in developing coordination and focus. Plus lots of fun with a few games thrown in.

Our adult training can be as hard and challenging as you want to make it. We will encourage you to push yourself beyond your perceived limits.  This type of training and philosophy can benefit anyone in all aspects of their lives.