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Okinawan Ryu kyu Kobudo and Japanese Bujinkan Bo-Jutsu

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Weapons - Kobudo & Bo-Jutsu

KKA Karate Academy is affiliated to RKKNZ  (Ryukyu Kobudo New Zealand) under the guidance of RKKNZ technical director Sensei Thanasi Balaphas and regional instructor Sensei Raymond Check.  Our own Kobudo instructor, Sensei Allan is qualified and licensed to teach Okinawan Ryukyu Kobudo.  Sensei Allan also trains in the Bujinkan ways and brings Japanese Bo-Jutsu to the mix, making our weapons offering unique.


Weapons - Kobudo & Bo-Jutsu

Ryukyu Kobudo weapons and Bujinkan Bo Jutsu lessons are taught in the traditional way with basic drills, gata (set patterns) and partner work.  Weapons we focus on are Bo (staff), Sai (daggers), Tonfa (batons) and Nunchaku and more.

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7:00pm - 8:00pm

Weapons - Kobudo & Bo-Jutsu

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