Our Instructors

Our qualified, experienced and friendly instructors are all volunteers.  We do this because we are passionate about Martial Arts and we enjoy helping people of all ages, shapes and sizes to develop themselves in the physical, mental and spiritual ways of Kobudo weapons.

Pictured; Chief Sensei Thanasi, Regional Head Sensei Raymond and KKA Head Sensei Allan

Head Sensei Allan Youl

Head instructor and KKA Karate Founder.

3rd Degree Black belt in Shotokan Karate (S.I.A.)

2nd Degree Black belt in Shotokan Karate (AJKA international)

1st Degree Black belt in Kobudo (RKKNZ)

1st Degree Black belt in Zendo kai Karate

1st Degree Black belt in Gokanryu Karate

Allan began his Karate training at the age of 8 and has studied many different martial arts over the years including Kempo, Kobudo and Bujinkan Ninjitsu.


Ryukyu Kobudo Kyokai (RKKNZ)

Sensei Thanasi Balaphas

KKA Karate Academy is affiliated with Ryukyu Kobudo Kyokai New Zealand (RKKNZ) which is part of the Ryukyu Dento Kobujutsu Hozon Budo Kyokai in Okinawa.

Our Senior grades train under Sensei Thanasi Balophas (6th Dan).

Dan gradings are conducted by Peter Turner Kyoshi (8th Dan).